Introducing the Cromwell Basin wine tasting tour bringing you an exceptional experience that begins with the inviting aroma of leather as the passenger doors of our classic 1988 300SE Mercedes are opened for you and up to three of your travel companions to relax into its class leading luxury and the smooth driving of your host, Bob Hewitt.

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Our Tour

Included in the price: - Our 1988 300SE Mercedes and Cromwell Basin wines are to be enjoyed and savoured at a leisurely pace by a minimum of two and maximum of four guests (aged 18 and over). Each wine tour is at least four hours plus pick up and return travel times for Queenstown (2hrs), Wanaka/Hawea (1.5hrs) and Clyde/Alexandra(1 hr). Generally we like to be back in Cromwell to start a tour at 11.30am.

Included in the price: - Among our choice of four vineyards for each tour there will always be one serving platters to die for.

Included in the price: - Using ‘Contact Us’ after making your booking you can suggest a Cromwell Basin vineyard you would particularly like to visit. We’ll do our best to make this happen.

Bookings must be lodged 24 hours in advance using the online link from this website.