Introducing the Cromwell Basin wine tasting tour bringing you an exceptional experience that begins with the inviting aroma of leather as the passenger doors of our classic 1988 300SE Mercedes are opened for you and up to three of your travel companions to relax into its class leading luxury and the smooth driving of your host, Bob Hewitt.

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Our Story


Qualmark Accredited Cromwell Classic Car Wine Tours is a project of passion for Bob Hewitt. A long time Mercedes-Benz enthusiast, Bob with wife Karen (aka KB) are also staunch supporters of Cromwell Basin and Alexandra Basin wines.

Shaken out of Christchurch by the earthquakes, Bob and KB were lucky to be able to move into their Cromwell holiday home and have since established a new life in the Cromwell Basin.

After many years on the road representing leading clothing brands, Bob felt the time was approaching for him to stop driving all over the South Island and to seriously look for a new career or create a new venture.

The chance to buy a low mileage, much-loved 1988 300SE Mercedes set the wheels in motion to establish Cromwell Classic Wine Tours. This vehicle sits very nicely alongside KB’s beautiful convertible 1988 Mercedes 500SL. Unfortunately, KB’s car is too small for wine tours.

As much as he knows what a good wine from the Cromwell or Alexandra Basins should taste like, Bob prefers to leave explanations to the experts, but is more than happy to talk about geographical features and gold mining history. Be warned Bob has a memory full of sales rep and ‘dad’ jokes.